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AMS Local Chapters

The Local Chapters of the AMS are the backbone of the organization. The staff at AMS Headquarters and the Local Chapter Affairs Committee are here to help you thrive.

This page is provided as an assistance to all local chapters - to those just getting started as well as for those chapters who have weathered time. Please explore the page, and add to the wiki in order to assist future generations of your chapter, as well as other chapters in their efforts to improve.

Posting on the wiki requires a username and password login for your organization. Only one account is made for each chapter, and must be requested by the current chapter president. This username and password should not be shared outside of the current officers of your chapter. Anything you post on the wiki will be permanently recorded on record as coming from your chapter's account.

If you have not used the wiki before, please contact us for an account and password. If you are the new president of your chapter, or you have lost your password, you can contact us for a password reset. For any issues with the wiki, including account requests, as well as suggestions, please contact the current Local Chapter Affairs Committee Chair at:

Joe Moore

Have an idea? A suggestion? Please send comments to the Local Chapter Affairs Committee:

Share your Chapter News! Send your meeting summaries to:

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